How do I Send Emails from Clearslide Using my Email Address

Connect your email account to use Compose Email to send emails from your own address. Doing this improves email deliverability and open rates. 


Individual configuration:

*Note: if you cannot access the individual email configuration page, your admins have likely configured your email settings at the team level. Contact your ClearSlide admin to confirm. 


  1. Go to My Outbound Email Settings page from My Account (or click here). 
  2. Click the Sign in with Google button and Login to your Gmail. 
  3. When prompted to allow ClearSlide to access your Google account, click Allow.


Outlook / Office365

  1. Go to My Outbound Email Settings page from My Account (or click here).
  2. Click the Connect Office365 Account button and Login to your Outlook account.
  3. When asked if you'd like to stay signed in, click Yes.


Other Email Provider

If you use a different email provider, contact your IT team for the correct settings to connect to your email account. You'll need the following information: 

  • SMTP server name 
  • Encryption type (SSL, TLS, none) 
  • Any custom port used 

Once you have this information, enter it in the Edit My Outbound Email (SMTP) Settings section of this page and connect your account.

*Note: the username requested will be your full email address and the password is the password for your email account (not ClearSlide). 



Global configuration (for Admins Only): 

ClearSlide can work with your IT team to configure email settings for all users on your team at once. We do this by adding ClearSlide as an approved sender to your email domain's SPF record. 

If you really want to take things to the next level, we can add DKIM signing too... IT will know what that means. 

Learn more about the benefits of sending via SPF and DKIM here.

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