How to Use "Best Time" to Schedule Emails

ClearSlide's “Best Time” feature uses AI to deliver your emails at the moment they’re most likely to be opened. Each recipient is assigned a unique delivery time within the next 24 hours based on the recipient’s previous interactions with ClearSlide emails. 

For instructions on how to send emails using ClearSlide, see this help article.


Configuring emails to send at the Best Time

  1. To access the “Send Later” panel, click the drop-down arrow next to “Send"
  2. This shows a variety of upcoming times as well as an option for “Best Time.
    • Selecting “Best Time” sends your email to each recipient at their optimal time without additional action needed from you.
  3. If you have one email recipient, you’ll see a graph representing email interactions by that recipient.
  4. Click on any bar on the graph to schedule your email for that time.
  5. For first-time recipients, delivery recommendations are based on their colleagues’ activity or their time zone. 
  6. Click “Schedule Send” when you’re ready to start the sending process.
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