Getting to Know your Content Library

In addition to giving you easy ways to communicate with your clients and prospects, ClearSlide can serve as your one-stop-shop for all things related to Content. Anything you could possibly need for a customer conversation or a discovery dialogue can be stored within the ClearSlide Content Library

When you navigate to the Content Library, you will first land on the 'All' tab where you can search, sort and see all CollectionsAssets, Email Templates, and Presentations that you have access to in ClearSlide. Utilize any of the other tabs available to you to view other subsets of Content

  • NOTEAssets that have a checkmarkSnip20181030_332.png after their title have been Recommended by your ClearSlide Admin. Recommended Content will always appear at the top of the list across all tabs. 


  • Recent: Use the 'Recent' tab to find Collections that you've recently visited and Content that you've recently uploaded, updated or shared internally or externally via Live Meeting, Compose or Create Link.
    • NOTE: The 'Recent' tab will include the same Content that's visible within the Recent Content carousel on your My ClearSlide homepage. 
      • TIPLearn more about how to utilize recent Content during Live Meetings here


  • Collections: Use the 'Collections' tab to search through organized groups of Content that have been predefined by your ClearSlide Admins or that you've created for your own personal use. If your company has decided to organize Content using Collections, you'll likely find those fairly broad categories are used here - Products, Verticals, Industries, etc.
    • NOTE: At ClearSlide, we organize Collections based on the sales stage. If you click into the 'Break-In (Stage: Prospecting/Discovery)' Collection, for example, you'll find all relevant Content used during the Prospecting/Discovery stage.
      • TIPThink of collections as dynamic folders! One Collection can contain many similar assets. 


  • Assets: Use the 'Assets' tab to search through all Assets that you have access to in ClearSlide. This tab includes individual files that you've uploaded, Assets that you've created using existing Content within the platform (copies or combined slides), as well as all Assets that have been uploaded by other Users or Admins that you've been given permission to use and/or to edit.


  • Email Templates: Use the 'Email Templates' tab to quickly search through all email Templates that you have access to use via Compose Email.
    • NOTEAnyEmail Templates that have been added to your favorites will surface to the top of this list. 
      • TIPIf you're looking for additional email Template information (# sent, open rate & view rate) or you'd like to create a new Email Template, navigate to the Email Templates page within the 'Emails & Links' tab! 


  • Favorites: Use the 'Favorites' tab to find the AssetsPresentations or Email Templates that you've previously favorited.
    • NOTEYou can easily identify a Favorited piece of Content anywhere within the Content Library by the starSnip20181030_334.png icon displayed nearby. 
      • TIPYour Favorites don't have to be permanent! Of course, you may have some Assets that seem to be truly evergreen, but if something no longer serves you, unfavorite it so that you can make room for other Assets that will be more helpful. (Good life advice too!)


  • My Content: Use the 'My Content' tab to see any and all Content that you own. Whether it's an Asset, a Presentation, a personal Collection, or an Email Template, it will be visible to you within this tab if you've uploaded it into ClearSlide or created it directly within the platform. 


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