How to Use a Lead Form

When hosting a ClearSlide Live Meeting or sending a ClearSlide Trackable Link use a Lead Form to capture contact information of who is attending your meetings and viewing your content. Use this information when you are ready to follow up with attendees in the future.   

In Meetings

As the host of the meeting you can request attendee information.   

Note: ClearSlide captures Name by default.   

If you have a default lead form (also called a roll call form) enabled for meetings you will see what info you are capturing under the Attendees panel.  But you can make changes to the form at the start of your meeting if needed. 


After you start the meeting, click “Requesting” under the Attendees panel 


The Request Viewers Info roll call form will appear - select which fields to include, set the fields to be required or optional, then click Request Information. 



The captured Lead Form information will be available under the Attendee Data tab in the Meeting Recap. This list is downloadable to a CSV file.  



In Links 

From the Create Link page, check the box next to Include Lead Form under Advanced Options. This will require all viewers of your link to fill out information fields (shown in the Preview window) prior to viewing your link.  Also, you have the option to select which slide has the lead form – a great way to collect the contact info after you’ve hooked people with some information. Or you could use it as a Send Me More Info form near the end of a presentation. 

*Note: you can choose from a list of different lead forms by clicking the dropdown arrow then click Preview to view the requested fields.  


The captured Lead Form information from Create Link can be downloaded to a CSV file from the Link’s Details page by clicking Download lead (.csv format) 




In Compose Email 

From the Compose Email page, check the box next to Require contact info when forwarded under Link Options. This will require viewers other than the original intended recipient to fill out information fields (shown in the Preview window) prior to viewing your link.  This is useful because if the recipient forwards the email within their organization, you will get contact information from additional interested people.   

*Note: you can choose from a list of different lead forms by clicking the dropdown arrow then click Preview to view the requested fields.



The captured Lead Form information from Compose Email can be downloaded to a CSV file from the Compose Email Details page by clicking Download data (.csv format)  



Download ALL of your lead info 

Go to My Account > Download Leads (CSV).  The file will contain leads captured from your Live Meetings, Links and Email. 

For an Admin user, the downloaded CSV file will include all leads for their team. 



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