How to Lock an Asset

For those times when content needs to be shared, but you don't want people making their own version of it, you can lock your assets.

Oftentimes this function is leveraged by Marketing Teams who want to provide content to the client-facing team, but they want to maintain content integrity and ensure that no one is using an outdated deck. 

Remember that this is different from an Asset's "Asset Access Settings" (such a tongue-twister). The Asset Access Settings control who has the ability to use or edit the content. Locking an Asset puts an additional amount of control on the Asset so that it really becomes the source of truth. You're less likely to have multiple versions of the same Asset out in the world when it's locked down. 

1. To lock an Asset, go to the Asset Detail page (where you can see all the various slide images, etc.).



2. On the right side of the page, you will see a section called "Asset Use Settings" and a button titled "Lock this Asset." 



Lock this Asset Info button expanded:



3. Click on "Lock this Asset" to prevent the Asset from being copied or downloaded by your colleagues. 


Locking an Asset will prevent it from being copied or downloaded by another ClearSlide user. The functionality is often leveraged by content owners (marketing teams, sales leaders) who want reps to have access to content without being able to make changes to it. Encouraging reps to go to a single document (as opposed to making their own copies) maintains the integrity of the document, keeps everyone on message/brand, and preserves important usage statistics!

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