How to Customize an Existing Asset

Once a document has been uploaded into ClearSlide, there's a possibility that you'll want to make changes to it. Maybe move some slides around, maybe add or remove some slides. You want to tinker, we get it!

From the Asset details page for a piece of Content that you've uploaded or that you have Edit Access to, you'll have a variety of ways to make updates and changes. 

1. Insert Slides 

  • If you want to add additional slides to an existing Asset, click 'Insert Slides' and select one of the following options from the dropdown:
    • Upload file: select this option if you'd like to upload a file from your computer
    • Copy from another ClearSlide Asset: select this option if you'd like to add existing slides from another piece of Content or an entire Asset that you have access to
    • Video slide: select this option if you'd like to add an existing audio or video file from the Audio & Video Library
    • Web slide: select this option if you'd like to add a slide that will redirect to a website of your choosing 
    • Screen Share slide: select this option if you'd like to add a slide that will launch screen share during a Live Meeting
      • NOTEScreen Share can be initiated at any point during a Live Meeting, however, you can use this slide option as a placeholder to remind you to share your screen at a specific point in your presentation!

NOTE: Whenever you Insert Slides into your Asset, the new slide(s) will be added to the end of your Asset. To move the new slide to the desired location, you can drag/drop it. 


2. Re-upload 

  • If you want to completely replace an existing Asset, click 'Re-upload' and then choose the file you'd like to upload as the new, replacement version of the Asset


3. Hide a Slide

  • If you don't want a slide to be visible when presenting an Asset via Live Meeting or sharing via Create Link and Compose Email, but you're not ready to completely delete it from the platform, you can hide it! 
    • Locate the slide thumbnail(s) that you'd like to hide, click on the eye icon, and select "Hide this Slide"
      • NOTE: When a slide is hidden, the slide thumbnail will still be visible within the Asset details page, but it will be noticeably grayed out. The third slide thumbnail in the screenshot below has been hidden. 


4. Replace a Slide

  • If you need to swap out a single slide within an existing Asset(but don't want to re-upload the entire thing), you can replace it!
    • Locate the slide thumbnail that you'd like to replace, click on the arrow icon and select "Replace this Slide"
      • NOTE: Replacing slides is not 1:1! It is possible to replace a single slide with multiple slides. When you select "Replace this Slide" you'll have the option to upload a brand new file, swap in slides from an existing Asset, or swap in a Video from the Audio & Video Library. 


5. Delete a Slide

  • If you want to permanently remove a slide from your existing Asset, you can delete it!
    • Locate the slide thumbnail that you'd like to delete, click on the trash can icon, and select "Delete this Slide"
      • NOTE: Once a slide has been deleted, it cannot be recovered. If you're unsure about deleting a particular slide, use the "Hide this Slide" feature!


6. Switch to Image

  • If you've uploaded a PowerPoint or PDF that includes Rich Content, you can toggle off Rich Content for a particular slide by reverting to a static image. 
    • Locate that slide thumbnail that you'd like to flatten, click on the hollow circle icon, and select "Switch to Image"
      • NOTE: This option is only visible if your Asset contains Rich Content. If you no longer want the slide to display animations, transitions, hyperlinks, etc. switch it to a static image and it will no longer display those aspects when the Asset is presented via Live Meeting or shared via Create Link and Compose Email.


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