How to Play Favorites (Bookmark Content)

We all have our favorite pieces of content to work with. The ones where that are aesthetically pleasing and have a talk track that you find easy to flow through. Understandably, you want those Assets to be close at hand whenever you need to send out content or present to a client. Enter: Favoriting. 

When you "Favorite" an Asset within ClearSlide, it becomes easier to find when you are searching for content to send via an Email Link or present in a Live Meeting. Overall, using the "Favorite" button to designate the content that you use most regularly, you'll cut down on valuable time that had been spent sifting through the Content Library. 

There are a couple of ways to "Favorite" an Asset. 

1. On the main Content Library page, hover your mouse over one of the Assets that appears in the list, and to the right, you'll see an outline of a yellow star.



2. Click on the star so that it becomes a solid yellow star. 



3. The Asset has now been "Favorited" and when you click on the "Favorites" tab at the top of the content list, it will appear. 



You can also "Favorite" an Asset from the Asset Detail page. 

1. Click into a particular Asset so that you're on the Asset Detail page (where you can see all of the slide images, etc.). To the left of the Asset title, you will see an outline of a yellow star. 



2. Click the star to turn it into a solid yellow star. 



The Asset has now been "Favorited" and will be visible in the "Favorites" section of the Content Library as seen above. It will also be visible in the "Favorites" section of Content when searching for an Asset when in Live Meeting or when creating an Email Link or Compose Email.





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