How to Create a Presentation


A custom deck goes a long way when engaging a prospect or customer, but creating this content takes time. ClearSlide Presentations give you the flexibility to create custom feeling decks from the documents already in your content library without having to download files or use another app. Combine documents, rearrange slides, and add text and images to create a personalized feel without the hassle.


To create a Presentation, navigate to the Content Library in ClearSlide. Use the Search and Filter options to narrow down the results to the assets you’re looking to include. 



Hover your mouse over an Asset you want to include and click on the "+" sign at the right. The Asset will appear in a tray at the bottom of the page. Continue adding Assets to your Presentation by clicking on the same "+" to the right.

Once you have all Assets selected in the tray, click "Personalize" at the bottom right to open the Presentation.


Customize your Presentation using the options below. Any changes you make here will only apply to your custom Presentation and will not change the original Assets.  

  • To rearrange the selected Assets, drag and move one Asset in front of the other along the top. 
  • To rearrange a slide, click the thumbnail in the left sidebar and drag it to the desired location in your Presentation.
  • To exclude slides, hover over the slide and click the eye icon at the right of the thumbnail.
  • Add custom text or images in any available custom fields (learn more here).


If you want to come back to your Presentation at a later time, save it for later by clicking "Add to My Content". If you don't choose to save your Presentation, jump straight to sharing and it will not be saved for future reuse. 


If saving, name your Presentation. You can now find it again at any point in the My Content section of your Content Library. Continue to customize by adding additional assets or re-arranging slides as needed.


If you're ready to use your custom Presentation, choose one of the sharing methods at the top right. 


The content in your customized Presentation is connected to the original Assets. When admins update the Assets (i.e. change content in a slide, add slides, etc) it will update the slides in the Presentation and label the asset as Updated. This may reset your custom slide order or custom fields, so if an Asset is updated, scan through your Presentation to make sure it still appears correctly.

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