Rich Content Conversion Guide

Converting to Rich Content

PowerPoint files can now be automatically converted to Rich Content –NEW!

Contact Support@clearslide.comt o enable for your account.                   


Supported Media in PowerPoint

  • Embedded Video & Audio
    Auto Play and Full Screen Video Playback options in PowerPoint –NEW!
  • Animated GIFs –NEW!
    Embedded Audio / Video in Grouped Elements –NEW!


PowerPoint Animations – Entrance Effects

Supported  Unsupported 
Appear, Blinds, Checkerboard, Dissolve In, Fly In, Peek In, Random Bars, Shape, Split, Strips, Wedge, Wheel, Wipe, Expand, Fade, Faded, Swivel, Center Revolve, Glow & Turn, Rise Up, Zoom, Boomerang, Bounce, Credits, Curve Up, Flip, Pinwheel, Spiral In Drop, Float in, Float, Spinner, Plus, Whip, Faded Zoom, Zoom Slide Center


PowerPoint Animations – Emphasis Effects

Supported Unsupported

Fill Color, Font Color, Grow / Shrink, Spin, Transparency, Bold Flash, Brush Color, Complementary Color, Complementary Color 2, Contrasting Color, Darken, Desaturate, Pulse, Color Pulse, Grow With Color, Shimmer, Teeter, Blink, Bold, Reveal, Wave

Line Color, Lighten, Object Color, Underline


PowerPoint Animations – Exit Effects Supported

  All Exit Effects supported


PowerPoint Animations – Path Effects Supported

 All Path Effects supported


PowerPoint Fonts

See "List of Compatible Fonts" section below currently supported fonts.
Don’t see your font listed? Contact to enable additional fonts.


Importing Content from SlideRocket


SlideRocket Animations

Supported Unsupported
Appear, Blur, Fade, Fly, Zoom, Spin, Scale
 Glow, Materialize, Scale, Sparkle, Typewriter, Wipe


SlideRocket Features Supported                                       

Supported  Unsupported 
Video, Tables, Hyperlinks (internal)

Graphs/Charts, Flash, Form/Poll, Plugin, Custom Fonts


SR Partial Support/To Be Supported                                                                                               

SlideRocket Transitions -Partially Supported

Standard Fonts (See Font List Below), 

Hyperlinks (external) - Partially Supported 


SR Content

Internal hyperlinks on text and elements -Supported

External hyperlinks on text and elements -Supported

Slide-by-slide and presentation audio -To Be Supported

Embedded YouTube videos -Unsupported


List of Compatible Fonts

Don’t see your font listed? Contact to enable additional fonts.


Fully Supported Partially Supported 
Agency FB
Arial Narrow
Arial Rounded MT Bold Arial Unicode MS Baskerville Old Face Bell MT
Bodoni MT
Bodoni MT Black
Bodoni MT Condensed Bookman Old Style
Bradley Hand ITC
Californian FB
Calisto MT
Century Gothic
Century Schoolbook
ConstantiaCooper Black
Edwardian Script ITC
Engravers MT
Eras Bold ITC
Footlight MT Light
Freestyle Script
Gill Sans MT
Gill Sans MT Condensed
Goudy Old Style
High Tower Text
Imprint MT Shadow
Lucida Bright Demibold
Lucida Bright Regular
Lucida Fax Demibold
Lucida Fax Regular
Lucida Sans Regular
Lucida Sans Typewriter Regular Lucida Sans Typewriter Oblique Nina
Rockwell Condensed
Tempus Sans ITC                
Bernard MT Condensed Blackadder ITC
Colonna MT
Curlz MT
Eras Demi ITC
Eras Light ITC
Eras Medium ITC
Felix Titling
Freestyle Script
Gill Sans Ultra Bold
Gill Sans Ultra Bold Condensed Gloucester MT Extra Condensed Haettenschweiler
Juice ITC
Kristen ITC
Kunstler Script
Lucida Calligraphy
Magneto Bold
Matura MT Script Capitals
Modern No. 20
Monotype Corsiva
Niagara Engraved

Niagara Solid
OCR A Extended
Old English Text MT
Palace Script MT
Perpetua Titling MT Light Perpetua Titling MT Bold
Rage Italic
Rockwell Extra Bold
Script MT Bold
Showcard Gothic
Snap ITC
Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold Tw Cen MT Condensed Medium Viner Hand ITC
Vivaldi Italic
Vladimir Script
Wingdings 2
Wingdings 3


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