How to Start a Meeting

ClearSlide is unique in the online meeting space because it does not require your viewers to jump through ANY hoops. With no downloads or plugins to worry about for hosts or viewers, you can get your meeting started quickly with as little stress as possible. Whether scheduled, spontaneous, or in person, use ClearSlide's Live Meeting to present to your viewers instantly (a real case of all gain, no pain). 


You can instantly start a meeting in a variety of ways. 

  1. Hover your mouse over the "+" sign in the top navigation pane, and select "Start Meeting" from the dropdown. This will launch you into a Live Meeting where you can select your desired content or start a screen share.
  2. From the My ClearSlide homepage, hover your mouse over an Asset in the "Recent Content" section, and you'll see a "Start Meeting" icon appear in the pop out. Select "Start Meeting" to begin a Live Meeting with that particular Asset.
  3. Expand the "Meetings" menu in the left navigation pane, and select "Start Meeting." This will launch you into a generic Live Meeting. 
  4. Start a meeting with a specific deck by clicking "Start Meeting" in the upper right hand corner of the deck's details page.


Hosting a meeting

Once in your Live Meeting, make sure that your viewers know how to join you by directing your viewers to your personal "Viewer Link." Your Viewer Link is visible in the "My Meeting Info" section of the "My ClearSlide" homepage and it's also shown inside your Live Meeting in the upper right corner above your Live Meeting toolbar. 

Pro tip: customize your viewer link to something easy to spell or fun from your Account settings. For something truly personal, reach out to your Account Manager about setting up a custom branded URL for your team.

If you use our integrated audio lines, attendees can join via computer audio or conference lines as outlined here.


Sharing content

If you're starting with an empty slate, use the "Search or Browse Content" search bar to find the right content. 


If you've got something to demo, share your screen.

If you've selected your content, click the slides icon (below the "Search or Browse Content bar) to see all upcoming slides visible on the left side of the screen. Scroll up and down to see what's coming next, and click on any slide to jump ahead. This slides pane is not visible to your viewers, so freestyle to your heart's content.

If you prefer to move in a linear fashion and don't like to jump out of order, use the arrows below the bottom left corner of the large slide image or use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to move to the next slide.


Host Tools

Use controls along the top of your meeting screen to:

  1. Use drawing tools to highlight key sections of your content 
  2. Launch a webcam to add a personal touch to your meeting
  3. Zoom in/out on your content or go full screen
  4. View and manage your meeting attendees and their settings (see below)
  5. Chat with the attendees on your link
  6. Take private notes on your meeting



Attendee Options

Manage your attendee experience in the expanded attendee panel (see option 4 above). You can:

  1. Change the information collected when a viewer joins your meeting (we collect names by default). All info collected is available and actionable from our Meeting Recap.
  2. Allow viewers to share their own screens (more info here)
  3. Give viewers access to drawing tools (more info here)
  4. Manage individual attendee's connections (mute, hang up, etc)



Finishing up

When your Meeting is complete, remember to click the red "End Meeting" button in the upper right corner of the page.  This will close the meeting for your viewer and will take you to our fabulous Meeting Recap where you can understand how your meeting went and launch into next steps. Remember that simply closing the tab in your browser does NOT end your meeting! You really have to hit that "End Meeting" button!

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