Meeting Titles

Quickly identify meetings on our Meeting Dashboard using the assigned Meeting title. The title will default to the assigned Customer or Opportunity name when provided. If a meeting is not assigned to a Customer before the meeting ends, ClearSlide creates a placeholder name using the information we have on hand. Visit the Meeting Recap after your meeting to assign the meeting to a specific Customer.


Note: We always recommend adding a Customer name to your meetings to ensure your actions are measured! If you have a CRM integration with ClearSlide, your Meeting will not be logged to your CRM unless you add a Customer name. If you do not have a CRM integration with ClearSlide, the Customer name can still be used to group actions in ClearSlide's Customer Insights.


You can assign your meeting to a Customer in the following ways:

  • Before your meeting: Add a Customer name when scheduling your meeting in ClearSlide, Gmail, or Outlook
  • During your meeting: Add a Customer name when in your live meeting via the "Customer" field


  • After your meeting:Add a Customer name on your meeting recap under the meeting title 



If you do not associate a meeting to a specific Customer, we'll generate a name using viewer information collected during your meeting so you can quickly identify your meetings. For example:

  • A meeting you host with three viewers (Sarah, Mark and Steve) will be titled "Meeting with Sarah, Mark and one other participant".
  • If you choose not to collect any information from your above attendees, the meeting will be titled "Meeting with three participants".


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