How to Schedule a Meeting

You can schedule a meeting directly from within the ClearSlide platform, as well as from both our Gmail and Outlook email plugins! When using this feature, please be aware of the following two items relating to the conference access code and starting the meeting.

  1. The 'Conference Access Code' for the scheduled meeting will be randomly generated, and will therefore be different than what's included in your meeting info as displayed on the 'My ClearSlide' homepage within the platform. Your 'Dial-in Numbers' and your 'Leader PIN' will remain the same for scheduled meetings.

    'My ClearSlide' homepage:

    • This is what your meeting information will always be when you copy & paste it into a calendar invite (my 'Leader PIN' has been removed from the screenshot, but you will find your 'Leader PIN' at the very bottom of the 'My Meeting Info' box shown below).

  2. Snip20190206_1.png


    'Schedule Meeting' calendar invite:

    • This is what your meeting information will be only for the specific meeting you're scheduling when using the 'Schedule Meeting' feature.
      • For the meeting info shown within the below calendar invite, all participants (including the Leader) would enter '1202-3482' when prompted for the access code on the conference line. The Leader will use their 'Leader PIN' found within the 'My Meeting Info' box on the 'My ClearSlide' homepage.
        • The 'Dial-in Number' will be the same for all meetings. 
        • The 'Access Code:' will be unique to this scheduled meeting.

  3. Snip20190206_2.png

  4. When you're ready to start the scheduled meeting from your Gmail or Outlook email plugin, click the "Start Meeting" button found within your inbox and then turn on the access code for the scheduled meeting!

    'Meeting' window:
  • Locate the calendar icon in the top right corner and click it (it will have a 1 notifying you that you have an upcoming scheduled meeting).
    • FYI: This icon will only be visible when you have a scheduled meeting occurring within the next 30 minutes!


  • Select the relevant scheduled meeting within this window and click "Save Access Code."
    • For this example, the meeting was scheduled for 1:35 PM with no company name entered. 
    • Your scheduled meeting will be indicated by the start time of the meeting and company name (if entered when scheduling, not mandatory).


  • Your meeting access code will now show as the same code included at the end of the meeting link shared within in the 'Schedule Meeting' calendar invite (
    • The meeting access code will also be the same as the conference access code, which was randomly generated for this scheduled meeting.


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