How to Navigate the Meetings Dashboard

The Meetings dashboard allows you to manage activities for future, in-progress, and previously held meetings, hosted by anyone in your organization, from a view. 

Getting Started

The default view of the Meetings dashboard is a list of your own live and previously held meetings in chronological order beginning with those in progress, followed by the most recently held. From here you can take the following actions: 

  1. Join live meetings.
  2. Click previous meetings to access their Meeting Recap page.
  3. Schedule a new meeting (learn how to schedule a meeting).
  4. Instantly start a meeting.


Meeting Insights

Several key attributes are listed for each meeting to help users quickly understand context, importance, and performance including: 

  1. Meeting title or description:The customer or opportunity name is shown if users have completed the customer name field for the meeting. Otherwise, ClearSlide will automatically create a name for the meeting using available information like participant names. 
  2. Average engagement:Average engagement (time not distracted) across all participants of the meeting. Values are color coded to provide a visual indication of engagement levels. Green for 8-10, yellow for 4-7, and red for 1-3. Learn how we build meeting scores here
  3. Meeting host
  4. Opportunity value and stage:This information will be displayed for Salesforce integration users if the meeting has been linked to an opportunity. 
  5. Meeting duration and number of attendees
  6. Date and time meeting occurred


Locating Previous Meetings

Find live or previous meetings hosted by anyone across your company using two methods: 

  1. Search by keyword in the meeting title if you know the opportunity or participant names.
  2. Filter meetings by host.


Upcoming Meetings

Click the ‘Upcoming’ tab to see and edit your scheduled meetings. 



This view has the same insights and meeting location features as the Live/Previous meetings view. 

To edit or start a scheduled meeting, hover the cursor over its date and time. 


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