How to Collaborate Live with Mark Up

Give up to 4 additional meeting attendees access to our markup tools to drive engaging and collaborative conversations that encourage attendees to do more than sit back and watch. Ask a decision maker to point out their biggest pain point, or poll the whole group and see where opinions differ. An active attendee is more engaged, leading to more valuable and more productive meetings.


To enable viewer mark up:

  1. Open the Attendee side panel of your meeting.
  2. Toggle ON the Allow Mark up option.
  3. Once enabled, all viewers will see the Mark Up option at the top of their screens.


Clicking the icon will activate markup and allow the viewer to select any of the available styles. A color will be assigned automatically and designated in the active drawer circles on the right.




  1. Mark Up is currently only available when sharing content uploaded to ClearSlide. It is not available when sharing your screen.
  2. Up to 5 meeting attendees can participate in Mark Up at once. That includes the host (you!).
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