How to Log In Person Meetings

If you're having an in-person meeting, where you might not necessarily have any participants on your Meeting Link, you can still present and track the meeting within ClearSlide! This will allow you to capture the Content you shared, date, time & duration, any notes taken during or after, as well as any participant details (Name & Company) directly within the platform and in the same format used to present and track a remote meeting. 

Logging In-Person Meetings

Start your Live Meeting as you normally would for a remote meeting.

  • Before you begin sharing Content(or your screen) within your Live Meeting window, simply press the letter "i" on your keyboard to indicate that this meeting is being held in person.
    • NOTE: There will not be any pop-up notification during your live Meeting that confirms the meeting has been logged as in-person.
  • Once the in-person meeting has ended, click "End Meeting" from within your Live Meeting window.
    • You'll be directed to your Meeting Recap page where you can update any relevant information within the 'Company Name,' 'Meeting Summary,' and 'Names of people on the call' fields prior to clicking "Save Meeting Recap."
      • NOTE: You'll see that your meeting has logged as 'In Person' within the 'Meeting Details' section on the left side of the page.
  • The Activity Card for this Live Meeting will now be visible within the Recent Activity section of your My ClearSlide homepage 
    • You'll see that your Live Meeting has logged as an 'In Person Meeting' on theActivity Card and the content you shared during the meeting will also display here as it normally would for a remote meeting. 


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