Why Can't My Viewer see My Meeting?

Did you make sure to share your Meeting Link with them? 

In order for your viewer to see your Meeting (whether you're presenting a Powerpoint or sharing your screen), they need your "Meeting Link."

You can find your "Meeting Link" in a couple of places within ClearSlide. 

1. On the "My ClearSlide" homepage, look for the "My Meeting Info" section in the upper right corner. There you will find your Meeting Link and any conference lines your company uses through ClearSlide. 

2. When you're in a Live Meeting already, your Meeting Link can be found to the left of the red "End Meeting" button. 

 If you have shared your Meeting Link with the viewer and you can see that they are on your Meeting Link but still cannot see your presentation, the issue may be related to their internet connection. 

If you are attempting to Share your Screen and are having trouble, you may need to (re)install the Screen Share extension within Google Chrome or make sure that your Java is up to date if you're using a different browser. 

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