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At ClearSlide, one of our primary goals is to make your life easier. We want you to get to the action quickly. One of the ways we work towards that aim is to surface your recently used content directly on the My ClearSlide homepage.

As soon as you log into ClearSlide, you'll be able to see the content that you've useduploaded or updated most recently - the thought being that if you've worked with or on this content recently, you may need it again in the near future. Not only have we surfaced the content itself, but we also let you take action on that content immediately! The Recent Content carousel will update over time as you continue to upload new content, modify existing content, share content via email and present content in a live meeting. 

To take action on your recently used content, hover your mouse over any Asset that you see in the Recent Content carousel and select one of the threeQuick Action icons:

Start_a_Meeting.pngStart a Live Meeting    Snip20181023_245.png Compose an Email    Snip20181023_246.pngCreate a Link


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