How to Install Outlook for Clearslide

The Clearslide Outlook Add-in allows users to easily access some of Clearside’s features straight from their Outlook toolbar. The following article explains how to install the Clearslide Add-in, both Administrator and User Instructions. 

  • Note: The Clearslide Outlook Add-in provides the same experience for users of Outlook on Windows (Microsoft 365 subscription), Outlook on Mac (Microsoft 365 subscription), and Outlook for Web.
  • Note: The minimum version is Outlook 2016, as specified on this page of our add-in in the store - Find the right app | Microsoft AppSource
  • Note: Customers who have previously installed the Clearslide Plug-in on the Outlook 2016 desktop version will need to install the Add-in using the directions below.

How To Install Outlook for Clearslide 

Admin Instructions

  1. From the Microsoft 365 admin center menu, click on the Settings drop-down menu.  

  2. Click on Add-ins.

  3. Click Deploy Add-In.

  4. Click on the Next button and then select the Choose from the Store button.

  5. Search for the ‘Clearslide’ Add-in within the search bar.

  6. Select the Clearslide Add-in from the list by clicking on the Add button.

  7. After reading the License terms and Privacy policy, click on the Continue button.

  1. Assign which users you would like to deploy the add-in for and click on the Next button. Choosing “Fixed (Default)” will ensure your users see the add-in without having to take any additional steps.

  2. After you choose 'Deploy', the add-in will be available on assigned users' ribbons the next time they open their app.

  1. You can now click the Next or Close button to complete the deployment of the add-in.



End-User Instructions

  1. While creating a New Message, click the ellipsis icon on the Outlook Toolbar. 

  1. Select Get Add-ins from the drop-down menu

  2. Search for the ‘Clearslide’ Add-in within the search bar.

  3. Select the Clearside Add-in from the drop-down menu.

  4. Click the Add icon to download the Add-in.  

  5. To access the Clearside Add-in, you will now be able to select the Clearside icon from your Outlook toolbar.



Note: The Clearside Add-in can only be accessed when creating a new message.

Please visit How to Use Outlook for Clearslide for the next steps in using the Outlook Plugin.

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