Zoom User Matching

Users between each platform will most often automatically be matched based on email addresses.

Sometimes email addresses in Bigtincan Engagement Hub will not be exact matches to those within Zoom, so we’ve provided a way to link non-matching email addresses to users.

  1. If the Admin who initiates the integration does not have a matching email address in Zoom and the Engagement Hub, the Zoom integration box will appear yellow with a message saying “No Associated Profile”.

  2. Under the ‘Admin only options’ menu, select Group Based Permissions from the list and then click on Users.

  1. Find the user that you’ve created the Zoom Integration with, or which users do not have matching Engagement Hub & Zoom email addresses. Open their profile by clicking the user’s name (blue and underlined).


  1. Under the ‘User Information' menu, click on the Edit button located under the ‘Zoom Associated Profile’ field.

  1. Search for your zoom admin email address (it may be displayed for you without searching in the list) and click the Link button.

  1. If the initial integration resulted in the “No Associated Profile” notification then, navigate back to ‘Integrations’ and the Zoom integration box should now be Green with a status of connected.

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