Zoom Integration - View Completed & Live Meetings

Start a Zoom Meeting - Any Zoom meeting that this user creates (scheduled in Zoom, a calendar app, any other integrated scheduling solution, and ad-hoc meetings are all supported) will be visible in the Bigtincan Engagement Hub. 

  1. While in the Bigtincan Engagement Hub web app, in the left-hand vertical navigation menu select Meetings.

  1. You will land on Live/Previous Meetings.

  2. The first Meeting in the list will say “Live Meeting” with the Meeting Owner and Meeting Title. This is the active Zoom Meeting. You can select the option to Join the live Meeting from the Engagement Hub.

  1. Below the live meeting, you can view completed meeting details including: Meeting Title, Host, Source (Zoom), Duration, Attendee Count, and the Date/Time.

  2. Click on the completed meeting to launch the Meeting Details page.

  3. Here you will see attendee data, and if you recorded the meeting in Zoom you will see the meeting recording,  transcript, and Meeting Analysis.





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