Gong.io Integration

Does your team use ClearSlide and Gong? If so, you’ll benefit from our plug-and-play integration.

Benefits of ClearSlide + Gong:

Get unprecedented visibility into your customer interactions with the ClearSlide + Gong integration. Capture every interaction, quickly identify the most engaging parts of your meetings, and get insights to help close more deals.

  1. Record and capture every ClearSlide meeting in Gong, whether it’s ad hoc or planned.  Give your reps the ability to host easy-to-join ClearSlide meetings on the fly without having to add the Gong recorder to the meeting.  
  2. Combine visual and conversational data for unmatched insights to help you understand what content and talk tracks close more business.
  3. Enjoy access to your complete content library, host dynamic live meetings, and pair visual and conversational engagement insights to accelerate deals and find coaching opportunities.  


The ClearSlide Meeting Recap page has a link out to the related Gong activity:


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