Logging in to Zunos

Before you can successfully login to Zunos, you'll need to be enrolled in your program and be given your own registered account. This can only be done by your account administrator/ employer/ training manager or via a registration portal where you can add yourself via an online form. If you are unsure please seek advice from your manager or colleague on how to enrol yourself into the program before you attempt to login. Attempting to login without a registered account will simply show you the error "The username or password provided is incorrect". If you believe you have an account but are still unable to login, contact us at support@bigtincan.com with us.

Once you are enrolled in your program on Zunos, download the Zunos app on your personal device by searching for Zunos on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. You can also access the Web App from your browser window by going to app.zunos.com.

  1. Enter your username. If in doubt try your email address.
  2. Enter your password. If you do not know your password and would like to reset it, request a magic link or choose the forgot password option.
  3. If Type password is selected, type in your password.
  4. If you chose to receive a magic link follow the instructions on the app and check your email for the link.
  5. Once complete you will be taken to your home dashboard in the app and you can start your program! 
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