Pin Achievement Badges for your Profile

Collect and pin your hard earned achievement badges. Once you are awarded an achievement, head to your virtual trophy cabinet in your profile to view your badges and select the badge to pin it to your profile image.

Pin a badge on your profile image:

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap your name, here you will see all the badges Achievement Group badges you have earned.
  3. Tap the badge you want to pin
  4. Tap the pin icon in the top right of the screen to add it to your profile.
  5. Pull down on the screen to refresh, and you'll see your badge appear beside your name!

*Note:  You can only pin the Achievement Group Badge to your profile.

Another easy way to add a badge to your profile is by tapping on the plus next to your picture on the home screen.


Your new badge will be available for all to see on the leaderboard!

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