Reccuring Training

At times, there will be a need for Training Courses to be taken multiple times, in order to refresh the User's training knowledge, or certification on a subject.

The Recurring functionality is set up through an Achievement, but is only available for Courses in an Achievement Task.

Recurring Training Set Up:

  1. Go into the Achievement that contains the Course that needs to be repeated

  2. In Settings, activate the Recurring switch located in the Technical section


  • Complete the settings as required here, including how many days the Course Expires in from completion, the Days before Expiry a reminder message will go out, and the Message Template to be used. When this 'Days before Expiry' is reached, the reminder will automatically be sent out to the User.

  • Once complete, the Achievement will show a ‘clock face’ icon in the top right, which shows the ‘history’ of the Achievement

  • Once the "Days Before Expiry" date is reached, the Achievement will re appears in the User’s ‘To Do’ list, under a ‘due soon’ sub banner




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