How to Create an Event

Events serve as a dynamic tactic in thoroughly and efficiently training your teams in new content. Whether it be Standard Safety Protocol or updates on the latest Product Releases, Events can equip your team with the knowledge they need for success. 


How to Create an Event 

Navigate to Admin Portal> Events  

  1. Select the "Create" option in the top left corner of the Events Page:  This will prompt the following window: 
  2. Name: Give a title to the Event
  3. Description: Provide some brief details pertaining to the Event
  4. Location: Designate a Location for the Event
  5. Timezone: Designate the appropriate timezone for the Event by which the Start/End Date will associate
  6. Start Date: The commencement of the Event in relation to the designated Timezone
  7. End Date: The expected conclusion of the Event in relation to the designated Timezone
  8. Set: Designate the Event to a set if one should exist.
    *NoteA set is a collection of events that would be attended in succession for one overall learning goal similarly to a set of compounding courses that eventually create a major in the collegiate arena
  9. Select save and the event will be added to the comprehensive list of upcoming events stored under the Events section

*Note: Creating Events serves as a simple and engaging exercise ensuring your team is up to date on the latest information needed for their best performance. For the next steps in creating a  completely customizable event specific to your company's current needs, Event Settings.


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