Registration Fields

Registration fields allow you to add fields in the registration form when an attendee registers for your event. You can collect anything from dietary requirements to job titles and any other information you may need from your attendees to make your event a success! 

Add a Customized Registration Field

Navigate to the Events section in the Administrative Portal. 

How to Add a Registration Field

  1. Select the title of the event listed under the "Events" section. If you need to create the event, visit How to Create an Event for more details. 
  2. Once selected, you will have access to the "Manage Event" Page:  Select the tab titled "Registration Fields"
  3. This brings you to a page similar to the following: 
    1. Name
    Simply type the name for this registration field. 
    2. Description
    Add a concrete description of what information this registration field means to collect. 
    3. Is Required? Enable this toggle if all attendees must respond. 
    4. Visible in Admin Only? Enable this toggle if only Admins might see the responses. 
    5. Active? Enable this toggle to activate this registration field. 
    6. Field Type Determine what field type be appropriate for the information collection. Once this is designated, an option for a "Default Value" will appear. See the following section for more information on "Default Values" 
    7. Default Default refers to the language used to translate the customizable textboxes. Select a different language, and the textboxes appropriately marked will translate the textbox from your native language to the designated language. See Languages and Translations for more information. 


Designate Values for the Field Type

The Field Type helps designate what kind of information you want to collect from this registration field. There are several options from which to choose including: 

  • Text String
  • Long String 
  • Yes/No
  • List (Single)
  • List (Multiple)
  • Email Addresses
  • Depending upon selection, a new field(s) will appear: 
  • All options will have this Default Value. The Default Value will pre-populate with designated value distinguished in this textbox. Users can, however, edit their response if desired through the registration process.  

With the Registration Fields all set, it's time to communicate with your guests! 

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