Adding Notes to Events

Administers can add notes to their event for a wide variety of purposes. Any information you may want to include beyond the basic description can be added as a note and attached to the event. Text based elements such as, Cancellation policies, Learning Objectives for the Event, Company Values, References, Trivia, and any other relevant information are conveniently available and easily accessible through the Notes for Events Feature. 

Users will see any notes in the registration portal after they’ve successfully registered, or in the Calendar .ics file that can be sent with a registration confirmation.

Adding Notes to Events

There are two types of notes an administrator may add to the event: Global and Local notes. 

Global Notes: These notes are stored in a template like fashion that may be quickly added to an event. These Global notes would be applicable for multiple events with little to no change in the information for event to event. Information like company policies, value systems, etc. 

Local Notes: Local notes are relevant to the event to which it is attached and will be created after the event has been generated. A learning objective or sources cited could be in this tailored style note. 


Adding Global Notes

To add a new Global Note to the library of Global Notes, administrators will:

  1. Access the Admin Portal with their login credentials

  2. Navigate to the Events Section

  3. Select the “Manage Notes” option:

  4. This will bring administrators to the library of all previously added Global Notes. Administrators will select the “Create Note” option:        

  5. This prompts a window similar to the following:

  6. Fill in the appropriate name, and note, enable or disable “Attach By Default”                               *Note:  If the "Attach by Default" toggle is enabled, this note will automatically be added to all events generated after the note is added.  

  7. Select “Save” and the Global Note will be added to the library. 


Adding Notes to an Event (Global and Local) 

To add a Note, both Global and Local, to an event, an administrator will: 

  1. Access the Admin Portal with their login credentials

  2. Navigate to the Events section

  3. Select “Create” option:           
    *Note: For more information on Creating Events please see How to Create an Event.

  4. Once the event is generated, administrators will access the Event Settings. Locate the “Add Note” option in the “Note” section located just below the Basic Info:

  5. Select either: 

    Attach Global Note If selecting a Global Note, administrators will access the Global Note Library and select the appropriate, pregenerated note.
    *Note: Administrators may make small adjustments to a Global Note after it’s attached without jeopardizing the integrity of the Global Note itself. Any adjustments will remain only for this particular event.
    Create New Note Create New Note. Administrators will fill out a note with the information unique to this event. These will not be saved in a library for future use.
  6. Once a note has been successfully added to an event, users will have access to the notes on the Events Registration Page after they’ve successfully registered. Notes will also appear in any calendar .ics file that can be sent with a registration confirmation email.
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