Best Practices: Using Hidden Achievements to Automate Exercise Notifications

Create a Hidden Achievement 

  1. Create an achievement in Drive by selected the Add Content dropdown 
  2. Select Create Achievement and then tap on the Select a task type dropdown 
  3. Choose the Exercise task type and select 1 exercise learning object from Drive
  4. Repeat with all available exercises, ensuring they are in their own achievement section  
  5. Navigate to the Settings dropdown in the upper right corner of the achievement editor
  6. Select the Technical tab and toggle on Hidden

Attach Message to Coaching Task  
Use a message template to email learners once their coaching exercise has been reviewed & approved. To  begin, create a message template learning object in Drive. 

  1. Once you have created a message template, navigate to the achievement learning object 
  2. On the achievement section with the exercise task, click the envelope icon to add the message template
  3. Click Save and Close.
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