Overview of Content Structure


Before uploading/creating content in Zunos, user's must understand the different types of content with which they may work.

Here’s a guide to Content Structure inside Zunos:

To Access Content Types:

  1. Navigate to Home > Drive > Add Content
  2. Select Content Type

Types of Content

There are several options for adding or creating content in the Zunos platform including: 

Single Learning Objects (SLOs): Individual items that can be uploaded or created. SLOs are the smallest components of your training program. 

  1. File Upload
  2. Content Page
  3. Web Link
  4. Quiz
  5. Form
  6. Assignment

Rich Learning Objects (RLOs): Learning objects that combine SLOs under a single umbrella. 

  1. Courses: Multiple SLOs combined for your learner to experience in a specific order. 
  2. Achievements: Multiple SLOs and/or Courses combined in a specific learning path.

Leaderboards: Gamified feature that tracks learner progress.

Message Templates: Content templates to be sent in email or in-app messages.

Dashboard: Customizable content “hub” designed just for your learners.

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