Add Weblink

Zunos Administrators may add a web link for their users' immediate access.

  1. Navigate to the Drive section and click the "Add Content" option in the top left of section. This will prompt the following drop down menu: 
  2. Select the Web Link option and the following pop-up window manifests:
  3. Type in the desired title and copy the url into the appropriate text box.
  4. Select "Create" and the web link will appear in the "Live Content" section. The newly uploaded Web Link will appear similar to the following:
  5. By selecting the Web Link, administrators will see a summary of customizable details in a menu to the right. However, for the full extent of customizable options, Administrators can either: 
    • Select the Web Link's title
    • Or select the pencil icon towards the top right corner of the panel. 

      For more information on the complete customization of content's details, see Edit Media/Files in Drive.
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