Section Settings in Forms

Add sections to your forms in order to group certain fields. For example, if your form is more than 10 field long, add sections which will help your user complete it easily (i.e. Personal Details, Expenses, Office Use Only, Approval etc.)

Section Settings

  • Section breaks the form into separate areas. This is a great way to add order to the form whereby you group relevant questions together.
  • Section Title:Customising the name of the Section which appears on the form.
  • Show Title:Option of showing or hiding the Section Title.
  • Active:Making the Section active or inactive.
  • New Page in Reports:Once the form is submitted, this Section will appear on a new page of the PDF output.
  • Description:A brief description of what the Section contains.
  • Show Divider: Do you that the Section Divider (black line as seen in the above screenshot) to be viewed on the app.
  • Repeatable:When data needs to be entered more than once, repeatable Sections allows the user to complete the same set of questions any number of times.
  • Is an Anchor:Breaks the section into tabs at the bottom of the page, making it easier to navigate through sections.
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