Basic Field Types



Field type: Single line text

A Single Line Text field enables users to enter short, one-line responses in forms.

Examples: First Name, Surname, Company


Field type: Date

Short Date fields allow users to input a date with the format Day/Month/Year.

Example: Date of Birth, Today's Date, Date of Inspection


Field type: Email

Email fields allow users to add an email address to a form

Example: Client email address, contact email address


Field type: URL

Website URL fields allow users to add a URL link to a form.

Example: Company Website


Field type: Paragraph text

Paragraph Text field allows users to enter large amounts of text

Example: Comments, Notes, Additional Information


Field type: Checkbox (yes/no)

Checkbox (Yes/No) fields allow users to answer simple questions with a Yes or No toggled response.

Example: Checklists, Did you require a follow up from this request?


Field type: File upload

File upload fields allow users to upload images from their camera roll on an iOS device.


Field type: Signature

Signature capture fields allow users to sign forms by uploading a saved signature or signed on screen.

Example: Authorisation signature


Field Settings

  • Attach to Emails: The image file can be attached or not attached when the completed form is sent as a PDF attachment via email.


Field type: Email copy to

Email Copy To fields allows the user to send a copy of the form to the email address entered into this field upon the user submitting the form. This is similar to the ‘CC’ field in an email client.

Example: send a copy of the form to a colleague, manager, client


Field type: Geolocation

Geolocation fields allow users to enter their exact location as longitude and latitude.

Example: The location of the site in a visit log


Field type: Informational text

Information Text fields allow admins to enter any additional information that users might require to complete a form submission. This text can be formatted in multiple different sizes, to be bolditalicised or underlined. Admins can also add a bullet, or numbered points, change the justification of the text and indentation.

Examples: Privacy Policy, Form Details, Terms and Conditions

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