File Upload Process

The File Uploads option allows you to define the file formats that users upload to the Hub. Users can upload:

  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Images
  • Presentations
  • Spreadsheets
  • and more!

By default, Bigtincan supports a number of file formats. Additionally, you can add new file formats and delete the file formats that you don't require. Navigate from Platform Configuration > Files > File Uploads

Any video that is uploaded to the Hub is converted and optimized for a better viewing experience. If users choose to download videos, the downloaded videos will be in the optimized MP4 format. 

Option Description
Transcode videos Select this checkbox to enable optimization of videos that are uploaded to the Hub.

At a high-level, here is what we do for transcoded videos:

MP4 Videos

  • Conversion Rate Factor 10: (Lower = higher quality; default is 23)

Webm Videos

  • Conversion Rate Factor 10.
  • libvpx library for video encoding libvorbis for audio encoding
  • 1Mb bitrate
Option Description
Server Defined Blocked Files The file formats that are blocked from being uploaded to the Hub include php, exe and dmg files.
Add File Format

Enter the new file format that needs to be added to the file format list.

Before you enter the file format, review the formats that are already available by default and check if the available formats serve your purpose. 

File Format List Review the list of file formats available in the hub. You can delete the formats that are not required.
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