Courses Vs Achievements



Administrators have a choice of two different RLO's (Rich Learning Objects) they can administer: either Courses or Achievements. This article discusses the case uses ideal for each. 


Courses, by definition, are bundles of SLO's (Single Learning Objects) to help train employees, teach new product information, etc. For more information on SLO's visit Overview of Content SLO (Single Learning Objects). Courses serve as the building blocks for learning pathways. Think of courses like chapters in a textbook. Each chapter has key learning objectives from the chapter to fully understand the overall subject. So, hypothetically, a user progresses through a course, and earns how-to knowledge in using the "Chat feature" for their company. Courses offer the most basic, sequential learning pathway. 


Achievements, on the other hand, recognize and reward learners for reaching milestones in the program. This allows for the addition of elements on the learning path such as:

1. Adding points to an achievement.

2. Adding Assignments to be completed.

3. Adding an Event requiring attendance.

4. Adding a form requiring completion.   

...and so on. Achievement based learning pathways rely on different kinds of motivating factors granted upon completion of a task through tracking and gamification. See Badges, Awards, and Gamification for more information. 



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