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Quick Definitions

Standard Quiz Type
Quiz for asking questions in multiple formats like multiple choice, true/false, and sequence. Choose to randomize the order of questions, or limit the total number of questions your learners see each time. 

Chat Quiz Type
These image-friendly quizzes simulate chat interactions that could happen on the job, like in sales or customer relations. See how your learners react to scenarios they could encounter in real life. (Multiple choice answers only).

Multiple Choice Question Type
A question which has multiple answers available and your learners must choose the correct one or correct multiple answers.

True/ False Question Type
A question where the answer can only be only true/ false.

Sequence Question Type
A question where the learner must order the possible answers into the sequence described in the question.

Create a Quiz

  1. From Drive click Add Content, and select the quiz type Standard or Chat.
  2. Enter name for the Quiz and click create.
  3. Add a question by entering text and clicking Add. Choose the question type that is most suited to your content and style of questions.After you add each question the answer fields will appear allowing you to add the multiple choice answers.
  4. The thumbs up icons beside the answer indicates that it is correct. You can mark more than one answer as correct.
  5. You can also add images to questions and answers if necessary by choosing the Add image orAttach media. Ensure that you upload or create content in Drive to attach to questions.
  6. Under each possible answer, you can also add Feedback information which will be given upon completion of the question.
  7. BEFORE YOU MAKE IT LIVE check or update the Settings and Properties on your quiz. Read more about the quiz settings and properties definitions below.
  8. Once you are finished save and close your quiz.


All Quiz Settings

Name:The name of your quiz which will appear on the App.

Description:Describe in a sentence what this quiz is about.

Notification message:Enter in a short notification to get your users attention and notify them to complete this quiz.

Maximum Number of Attempts:Enter the maximum number of attempts a user can take to pass this quiz.

Publish Date:Add the date in which the quiz will appear on the app.

Expiry Date:Add the date in which the quiz will disappear on the app. This will appear on the app so that users know when the quiz will close.

Tags: Add tags to optimize reporting. Hide Correct Answers: Choose to hide the correct answers by switching this to green. If not use will be able to see what the correct answer once they complete the question.

Groups:Add a group or smart groups to lock this quiz down to a select group of users.

Active: Choose to make the Quiz active/ inactive.

All Quiz Type Properties

Points per Correct Answer: The number of points allocated to each correct answers in this quiz.

Maximum Number of Attempts: Choose from unlimited or custom and add a number of attempts.

Requires Passing Mark:If yes, turn on and specify the number of correct answers to pass this quiz.

Results Images:Add a Quiz Passed or Failed image which will appear on the learner's device after they have completed the quiz.

Results Messages: Add a custom results message.

Hide Correct Answers: When the user gets a question wrong, they will not be shown which answer was the correct one.

Randomize Questions: Randomize the questions in the quiz for each learner.

Ask X Amount of Questions: Ask only a specific amount of questions specified by a custom number from this quiz.

Randomize Answers:Randomize the placements of the answers to each question so that learners have different tests.


  • Not all quiz types will have the same properties in them. 
  • Quizzes are auto sorted by publish date as opposed to alphanumeric
  • If you choose to 'Hide Correct Answers' quiz feedback will not display either. Please take this into consideration if you would like feedback to display.


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