Add Assignment

Zunos Administrators may add an assignment for their users' immediate access.

  1. Navigate to the Drive section >"Add Content" 
  2. This will prompt the following drop down menu: 
  3. Select the Assignment option and the following pop-up window manifests: `
  4. Type in the desired Assignment Name
  5. Select the "Create" option. The following new screen will appear: 



Select the text box under the title "Overview" to type in the desired description or learning objectives like the following: 



Accompanying Material 

Directly below the "Overview" section, administrators can add material supporting the learning objectives for the assignment. 

Select the "Add from Drive" option to access the live material uploaded to the drive. Selecting "Add from Drive" will prompt the following window: 


 Browse through the content and select the relevant material. Select the "Add" option in the bottom right to finalize the material addition. The newly added content will appear as such: 

Select the trash can icon on the far right of the title to remove material from assignment. 



The final section allows administrators to add new criteria and/or select from previously uploaded criteria to the assignment. 

  1. Selecting the "Add new" option prompts the following text boxes for complete customization: 
  2. Give the criteria a title followed by an explanatory description for clear learning objectives. 
  3. Administrators may also wish to add criteria previously uploaded. Select the "Add from existing" option for a comprehensive list of criteria: 
  4. Browse through the list, select the appropriate criteria and select the "Add" option in the bottom right corner of the window. 
  5. The complete list of selected/created criteria will appear as such: 
  6. Select the trashcan icon on the far right of the title to remove material from assignment.
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