How to Mark Attendance with a QR Code

Equipping an Event Confirmation Template with a QR Code allows for quick and easy, in-person attendance recording. 

Add a QR Code to an Event Confirmation Template

  1. Navigate to "Drive" from the main menu on the left side panel. 
  2. Select "Add Content" at the top of the page. 
  3. Select the  "Message Template" from the drop down menu: 
  4. Generate the desired Message Template
  5. Upon creation, administrators will be able to customize different sections of the template. Simply select the section and a toolbar will appear similar to the following: 
  6. Select the "Merge Tags" Option and select the "QR Code" Option. This will add a QR Code to the user's event confirmation.  Users will receive a confirmation similar to the following: 


What happens next 

At the event:

  • When the user attends an event, they will display their QR code to be scanned by the event coordinator by using the Zunos app.
  • Once the QR code has been scanned the Registrant Details are displayed.
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