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Bigtincan Learning offers an ideal opportunity to train employees/partners on product knowledge or business practices through creating and administering Courses. Courses provide a concise package of bite-sized learning programs referred as SLOs (Single Learning Objectives. For more information visit: Overview of Content SLO (Single Learning Objects).

Administrators may upload course assets before creating your course. Course assets would be any learning material, (PDF, videos, etc.) administrators want to include in the course--also any Quizzes that you will be using as part of the assessment. See Overview of Content Structure, for more information. Then administrators will customize the module sequences for the best learning pathways. 

Administrators can always add/remove a course asset at a later stage. 

Course Creation

1. Click Drive, then click Add Content

2. Click Course


3. Add course name and click create

4. The Course Editor will open

5. Click Create Module

6. A new module will be created

7. To edit the module, click on it and a settings panel will appear. here you can edit your course name, description, active/inactive and if the course elements will follow a sequential order by the end-users.

*Note: Sequential here denotes the order the module will follow based on the order that has been set.

8. You can change the module icon by clicking the icon and clicking the pencil icon

9. Upload your new logo or use an existing image

Adding Content to your Module

1. To add learning material to your new course module, you will have access to your content from the Drive Content Panel on the left side of the screen.

2. Drag and drop your content elements from Drive across to the new module

3. The content items can easily be rearranged after they have been moved across. This can be done by clicking the 3 dots on the left-hand side of the module created and moving the content to the desired location.

Course Settings 

To allocate users to the course and edit details pertaining to the course, click the Settings on the top right-hand corner.


Name: Edit the course name here.

Description: Amend the course description here. 

Notification Message: Set course notification message. This will be used as the default notification message when alerting users to the new course via the Notify option in Drive.

Publish and Expiry Dates: Set the course Publish and Expiry dates if required.

Groups: Allocate your Groups and Teams. If the course is available for all users, leave this field empty.

Active: Set course to Active or Inactive.


Thumbnail: Create a Thumbnail, click Add Thumbnail and upload a new logo or use an existing image.

Banner: Create a custom banner image, click Add Banner and upload a new logo or use an existing image. 



Course Length: Set course length Short, Medium, Long, Custom, or None.This is an arbitrary time estimate indicating how much time users ought to allocate for course completion. Select None and no time estimate will be provided.

Completion Template: Message template sent upon course completion. 

Sequential Completion Toggle: Course modules will be locked until the previous module has been completed.

*Note:To ensure users view content prior to course progression, do not attach content to quiz questions. Doing so will grant access to the "take quiz" banner, and users will be able to skip ahead.

Add to Users "My Courses" List: Learners will see this course in their 'My Courses' list. If this setting is off, learners have the option to add this course to their list.

Use Global Progress Toggle: Course content completed outside course will affect course progress.

Viewing Course Progress

  1. Click the Show Users Progress button located on the course module

2. A listing of users undertaking the course displays the progress of your users against each other

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