Groups and Smart Groups

Groups divide users into their functional/role based categories, allowing administrators to communicate with and deliver content to specific target groups.

This allows more potent information targeted towards a relevant audience. Depending on business type, groups may be divided by job functions or locations(ie. Sales Reps, Sales Managers, or West Coast, East Coast etc.)

 Create Groups

  1. Select the Users tab from the main menu on the left side of the screen.
  2. Navigate to the "Groups" Tab. 
  3. Select the "New Group" option at the top of the screen.
  4. This will prompt the following window:  
  5. Fill in the appropriate information.
  6. Enable the "Active Toggle" and select the Save Option at the top right of the screen to generate the New Group. 

Add Users to Groups

  1. Navigate to the Users Tab.
  2. Select the User intended for the group .
  3. Navigate to the "Groups" section in the user's profile: 
  4. Select the "Add to Groups" option in the top right of the section. 
  5. Select the Group to which the user will be added.

Smart Groups

Smart Groupsis a powerful user management tool which allows administrators to build dynamic groups based on a variety of parameters. Smart groups target specific users who meet the conditions at any period of time, as opposed to a group which remains the same over time.

Create a Smart Group

  1. Click NewSmartGroup.
  2. Enter a name for your Smart Group.
  3. Set to active.
  4. Click StartQuery.

There are different property types to build with which to build a query. These are broken down based on the different areas of the system:

  • User
  • Viewed Media 
  • Event
  • Group
  • Role
  • Submitted Forms


  1. Alternatively, administrators can search for properties of users.
  2. After adding each requirement click done.
  3. Once finished building a smart group click Save and users will populate in a list below.


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