Admin Types

Within the Admin Portal of the Learning Platform, full access administrators may designate some users special administrative privileges while restricting other privileges available to a full administrator.  



Accesses the entire organizational profile

An Organizational Admin has access to everything in the App and in the Admin Portal.

Event Admin

Accesses attendance management for all active events

Basic Admin 

Limited access designated in the processes below

Menu Access Privileges 

Privileges associated when allowed access to that section of the menu


Grant Admin Privileges

There are 3 varieties of Admin roles you may designate: 

  1. Organizational

  2. Basic

  3. Event

To  Grant Basic and Organizational Admin Privileges

  1. Navigate to the Admin Portal 

  2. Select the “Users” section on the Side Navigation Bar 

  3. Browse and select the user/Add User if user profile does not exist

  4. On the User Details page, locate the Account Settings 

  5. Designate “Organization” or “Basic” 


Organization: Full admin privileges
Basic:  Restricted access

*Note: If designated as “Basic” add what privileges are allowed via the “Menu Access” Section directly below.

Menu Access Privileges for Basic Admin

Administrators may grant privileges associated with specific areas to their users while denying the full access an Organizational Admin might have. Selecting the "Basic" option prompts the "Menu Access" option shown below.​​​​​​​

User’s designated with the Basic level privileges may have access to any combination of the following: 



Allows access to assign training.

Allows access to users’ progress on an assignment


Allows access to the Drive


Allows access to the Events Module 


Allows access to Forms Inbox

Image Library

Allows access to add/delete objects in the Image Library


Allows access to Leaderboards


Allows access to Forms, Users, and Reporting


Allows access to the Reporting area


Allows access to the Settings

User Only 

Allows access to user management only, does not allow access to Groups or Smart Groups


Allows access into the entire user area

Select which area(s) you wish the user to have privileges. The selected areas will appear in the respective box labeled “Menu Access.” Select “Save” to finalize the process.  


Event Admin:

An “Event Admin” differs from a Basic Admin with Event Access. An Event Admin may manage the attendance of all active events in the Web App and iOS App, but does NOT grant access to the Events section in the Admin Portal. 

Managing attendance includes:

  • Register guests
  • Mark users as either attended/unattended
  • Move event dates
  • Send a welcome email


To Designate a User as an Event Admin: 

  1. Login to the Admin Portal

  2. Navigate to the “Users” section on the navigation bar

  3. Browse and select the user/Add new user 

  4. On the User’s Details page, locate the “Account Settings” section

  5. Enable/disable the toggle labeled “Event Admin” Toggle. ​​​​​​​

  6. Select “Save” to finalize process. 

For more information on Event Management visit Events.


Customizing different levels of Administrative access for users encourages a dynamic and tailored experience for your individual teams needs while minimizing the risk of unwanted accidental adjustments.  



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