Setting Up a Dynamic Content Widget

In an existing dashboard:

  1. Start by selecting Add Widget
  2. Then choosing Dynamic Content:
  3. A new widget will appear below the currently selected widget.

*Note: If no widget was selected, the new one will appear at the bottom of the page.

Placing and Setting Options for Your Widget

Next, add some key information to the widget by placing it on the dashboard. 

Move widget up or down by selecting the top bar. The cursor should change accordingly. While selecting the bar, drag the widget up or down and then let go to place. 

Administrators can customize once the widget has been placed. 


Important Information to Add to Each Widget Includes:

  • The Name: A widget must have a name (its title), although that can be special characters like a hyphen or underscore. If no title is added, the default will be “Dynamic Content”. 

  • The Icon Style: A style determines how each item in the widget will appear. Choose between small icons, banners, and in the future, the “social card” style. 

The image that will appear is taken from the icon or banner that was added to the objects themselves in Drive.  Any items without icons will display the system default image. 


The Menu on the Upper Right Side Panel of Each Widget Includes Options to:

  • Clone (copy) the widget to the same dashboard page

  • Copy it to another page in the same dashboard (if you have more than one page)

  • Delete the widget


When selecting a widget, two buttons will also appear the upper right edge of the widget:

With these you can make the widget Active or Inactive (display or not), or Delete the widget. 



Item Limit

Setting an item limit restricts the number of items displayed at once. 

Auto Expand

The Auto Expand option determines whether the widget appears opened or minimized every time one of users logs in. The default is off, or hide extra items until the user selects the Show All option. 


The Active option (on by default) determines whether the user will see this widget and its content at all. If the widget is inactive, any Active widgets below it will move up to take its place for the user.

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