Item Limit Auto Expand Action Options

In addition to naming the widget and setting the icon style, two other toggle buttons remain to consider. 



Item Limit

Set an Item Limit if you only want a certain number of items to appear. For example, you may want to show All Courses, or all PDFs but only want a certain number of them to appear at once. Leave the field blank to show all that are available. If you set a limit, the platform will show the most recently modified, up to the limit you set.

Auto Expand

The Auto Expand option determines whether the widget appears open or minimized every time one of your users logs in. The default is off, or hide extra items until the user selects the Show All option. 

Whether the Show All or Show Less option appears at all to users in the app depends on the number of items that appear in the widget, and where they’re accessing the app. If your users are using the app on a phone, then only a few items can appear in the widget’s space, and so the Show / Hide option will be available, depending then on the number of items. If only a few items are available in the widget at all (see below for determining the rules), then the option won’t appear to the users until more appear. 

If many objects are available to a user in that widget, they will have to select Show on the phone to see any more beyond the first few. 


The Active option (on by default) determines whether the user will see this widget and its content at all, assuming that they can see this dashboard in the first place. If you make a widget inactive, any Active widgets below it will move up to take its place for the user.

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