Special Links and Merge Tags

 When you create new templates in Zunos there are two components which allow you to link to areas of the app, as well as information stored in the admin portal. They are called Special Links and Merge Tags.

Special links are action links and users can tap or click on these to take them to different areas of the app. Merge Tags are tags which draw information already stored in Zunos such as First Name, Username or Event Location.

To access these Special Links and Merge Tags, click on any text field and then click the toggle toolbar to access more settings in the text toolbar.

Special Links

Click on the Special Links button to see options for password, events, and deep links.

The WelcomeLinks option contains two links which should be used in Welcome templates only.

  • Create a New Password
  • Sign in to Zunos

The Event Links option contains one link which can be used in an event invite template only. It allows users to open the event registration portal and register for a session in Zunos.

  • Event Confirmation

Form Link is an option to use for users to click on to get direct access to a form. When choosing Form Link, Direct Form Link will be the next step that appears. Here, Admins can choose the form they want users to access. Form Link is a great option for admins to use for users who do not have mobile app access to Zunos.

  • Direct Form Link

Deep Links can be used in any template type, but are most suitable in a generic message. These links will link to the corresponding areas of the application. To avoid confusion, always notify users that they need to be on their iOS device to open the link.

  • Content
  • Forms
  • Messages
  • Courses
  • Forums
  • Quizzes
  • Leaderboards
  • Achievements
  • Core
  • Profile
  • Edit Profile

Merge Tags

See the list below of the merge tags and which templates they can be applied in.

First Name: All Template Types
Username: Welcome Email
Organization Logo: All Template Types
Custom Support Email: All Template Types
Sender Full Name: All Template Types
Sender First Name: All Template Types
Sender Last Name: All Template Types
Send Date: All Template Types
Send Date and Time: All Template Types
Event Set Name: Event Invitation
Event Name: Event Invitation, Event Confirmation
Event Set Description: Event Invitation, Event Confirmation
Event Set Session Details: Event Invitation, Event Confirmation
Event Location: Event Invitation, Event Confirmation
Event Session Details: Event Invitation, Event Confirmation
Selected Event Date/Time: Event Confirmation
Event Registration Open Date: Event Invitation
Event Registration Closed Date: Event Invitation
QR Code: Event Confirmation
Add to Apple Wallet Button: Event Confirmation
Attach iCal File: Event Confirmation
Media Share Message Body: Content Share
Reward Code: Generic Template

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