How to Create an Assignment

Assignment \ ə-ˈsīn-mənt\ (Noun): a task to create a video that meets certain objectives. 

Administrators or Managers configure and assign these assignments to their users. This allows users to display a degree of competency and understanding of a product, feature, service, etc. 

How to Create an Assignment

  1. Navigate to the Drive Section listed on the navigation menu on the left of the screen. 
  2. Click on Add Content>Assignment.
  3. Then administrators will give the assignment a title.  
  4. Provide an Overview of the Assignment. 
  5. Add any supporting material here.

*Note: Supporting material must be uploaded to the drive prior to assignment creation. 


Administrators may add existing criteria by selecting "Existing Criteria" and designating the conditions from a pre-existing list. Criteria serve as objectives or guidelines by which the assignment will be judged. Criteria can be as general as "Enthusiasm" or as specific as "State the 5 Key Elements to a Successful sale." Add as many or as few criteria requirements as needed. 


*Note: Clicking on Trash bin on the right side of any field removes the content chosen.

*Note: Click the Settings Option in the top right of the window to specify more details:



Name Edit the assignment's name. 
Description Add an overview or description for the assignment.
Notification Message This is the message a user will see when notified about the assignment.
Publish Date The date which the assignment is available to be assigned by managers.
Expiry Date The date which the assignment is no longer available to be assigned by managers. 
Groups Select certain groups for which this assignment may have exclusive access.
Active Enable/Disable the assignments "Active" status.
Thumbnail Add an image as a thumbnail for the Assignment
Banner This image will appear on the dashboard.
Banner Image This image will appear assignments section.
Video Time Limit Specify the length of which the assignment cannot exceed.


Changing Languages

An administrator may language of the assignment from their "Default" language in two different places.

  1. First in the full text editor, the editor on initial creation:
  2. Just to the left of the "Settings" option is the language drop down menu. Select the option and designate the desired language.  
  3. Second in the Assignment's summary page. Once the assignment is created administrators find it listed in the "Live Content" section. Select the assignment and a menu with a variety of details appears to the right
  4.  Select the option to the right of the details to change the language. 
  5. For more information on language options within the platform see Languages and Translations.
  6. Select the"Save and Close" option in the bottom right to finish the process. Once completed, the assignment will be listed in the "Live Content" section in the drive, and available for managers and administrators to send it as a request

Editing Existing Assignments 

Administrators may edit existing assignments by finding the assignment in the "Live Content" section. Click the assignment and the following menu appears to the right of the "Live Content" Section: 

This gives a concise list of details. An administrator may click on any of the options to update/edit the information. However, if they wish to add more in depth edits, such as editing criteria or adding supporting materials, they can click either the assignments title or the pencil to the right of "Content Details." This brings them to the full text editor.

Requesting and Grading Assignment

After an administrator creates an assignment and the assignment is uploaded in the drive, the administrator, or a manager, must send the assignment as a request to their users. To send an assignment or see users' progress see Assignment Inbox Overview.



*Note: An administrator will need to grant access to the Manage Assignments area for a manager to send a request in the App. Administrators must place a link to the Manage Assignments area on a dashboard. 


After a manager requests an assignment, users receive a notification that the assignment is available. Users, then, may record their video and submit for grading. 



For a manager to grade an assignment, they will select the "Manage Assignments" button from the dashboard. 

  1. Managers will be brought to a screen similar to the following:
  2. Select either the "Requests" or "Submissions" tab at the bottom of the screen to access user's assignments ready for review. 
  3. Select the user's icon to review their submission. 
  4. Here, managers can review and offer a star rating on the predetermined objectives, add comments on specific parts, review the Overview, and view submission history by tapping the respective tabs. 


Add a comment to a certain point in the video: Play the video and add placeholders by pressing the chat, question mark, thumbs up or thumbs down icons. 




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