Assignment Inbox Overview

Administrators may send a request to a User/Group of Users, alerting them to a new assignment.  

How to Send a Request 

  1. Navigate to Assignment Inbox listed in the navigation menu on the left side of the screen. 
  2. Click on the Send request option and the below screen will allow you to select the assignment you wish to choose along with the Start Date and Due Date of when this assignment needs to be completed by.

Be sure the end date does not precede the start date or the request will not send.  

Request Section Overview

The Requests section is where the Zunos Admin verifies if a user or group of users completed the assignment. 

Navigate from Assignment Inbox > Requests tab for the comprehensive list.  

The section lists: 

  • Content Name
  • Sent By
  • Date Sent 
  • Number of Users as recipients
  • Number of Users who have completed the request
  • Due Date
  • Status: Open/Closed—if the assignment may still be worked on by the recipient
  • Active: Active/Cancelled

On the very right of every request listed, administrators may access additional actions such as

  • Settings 
  • Copy Requests
  • Delete Requests 

Click on the Content Name you will see progress status of each user: 

The progress will appear in the form of a partially filled Progress Bar with a direct correlation to that user’s completion status: 

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