How to View Messages

Administrators can access messages sent to them through the "Communication" tab on the application tabbar.

  1. Click on the communication icon, symbolized by a speech bubble, located on the very left of the page. 
  2. Once in the Communication Section, administrators will see an interface similar to a basic email experience: 
  3. Click the "Inbox" tab located in the "Messages" column. Here, an administrator can see all messages received. All unread messages are indicated by a blue dot prior to the email's title and author.  Similarly, "Sent Messages" and "Draft Messages" appear in the respective tabs. 

Scheduled Messages

Administrators have the ability to draft a message and designate a specific time to send the message. 

  1. Click the "Communication" icon, seen above, symbolized by a speech bubble to access the "Messages" section. 
  2. Click the tab under the "Messages" section entitled "Scheduled Messages." All scheduled messages will appear here. 
  3. Click the "New Message" option in the top right of the section. 
  4. After filling out the appropriate information, administrators will see amongst the other details, the following option: 
  5. Designate the desired date, time, and time zone.  


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