Reports-How many times has a user logged into the Hub?


This guide will teach you how to create custom summary web report showing how many times a certain user has logged into the system during a period of time. 

Tools needed

Access to Company Reports

What’s covered in this article

This article will show you how to create web summary report showing how many times your users have logged into the Bigtincan Hub.


  1. Navigate to the WebApp
  2. Click on Reports (left side panel), then click on Custom Reports (top of the page)
  3. Click on Create Custom Report - Create Web Report
  4. Choose the name for your report and click on Next (bottom right corner)
  5. Click on "Click here to select component" and choose the type of report you would like to create. Click Next.*Note:This example will create a summary report showing how many times a certain user has logged in during a period of time.
  6. From the Data source dropdown select "User Activities"
  7. On the right hand side, click on an arrow next to "Group Left Above" and change it to Summary Table
  8. Choose the components for the report
  9. Make sure to select "Activity" and "Activities" components from the list
  10. Click on Next once all components have been selected
  11. Select the style for your report then click on Run
  12. Select the date range then click OK
  13. Once report loads, however your mouse over the "Activity" column and click on Filter
  14. Select "logged-in" from the dropdown menu
  15. Depending on which components were selected, the final report would look similar to this:
  16. To save this report for future use, click on Menu - File - Save As
  17. Select the folder where you wish to save the report and click OK.
    • My Reports folder is only visible to the report creator
    • Organization Reports folder is visible to everyone in the organization that has access to "Company Reports"
  18. The report you just created is now visible under Reports - Custom Reports.


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