How to Filter Reports

This article will show how to filter your reports in various situations. Filters can be applied to the entire report or to a specific column of a report.

To apply filters to the entire report:

  1. Open the Table Wizard and click on Filter
  2. Click on the dropdown arrow (first column)

    *Note: If you click on an arrow next to the top item twice, it will minimize all the below options for easier selection
  3. Select your filter from the list and assign a value to it
        Example: Activity = file-opened
  4. To add more filters select AND or OR statements from the dropdown
    Click OK. Click OK again to repopulate the report with the above filters

To apply filters to a specific column:

  1. Open your report and hover over the top of the column you wish to filter. A filter icon will appear
    Click on it to display the filter menu for that column
  2. Select the filter from the list or click on More to view all available filter options
  3. Select the value and click OK.
    *Note: Filter values can be only be selected one at a time
  4. Repeat above steps to apply filters to any other columns


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