How to Create a Report that Shows Users Activity on a Story you Created

You created a story in the hub and want to know how the users are interacting with it. Are they reading the story?

Generate a report showing activity on a particular story:

  1. Open Reports and click the Custom Reports tab (top of the page)
    Click on Create Custom Report - Create Web Report
  2.  Leave the layout style option at Blank and click on Run (bottom right corner)
     A new blank report will open in a new window. Click and drag the Table (top icon on the vertical panel) to the right side of the page
  3.  Select the Story Activities data source from the dropdown
  4. Add all the resources (data) that you are after by clicking an add button (middle of the page). Note that all resources would need to be added one by one
  5. Make sure to add a "Story" resource as that is the one we will be filtering
  6. To remove a resource that is no longer needed, highlight it and click on Remove
  7. Click OK to generate your report. Note your report will be empty as you have not specified the date range yet
  8. Click on Parameters (left side panel) to select the date range. Click the calendar icons to set From and To dates
  9.  Select the appropriate Report Type and click Apply
    Hover over the top of the Story column and click on the Filter icon
  10. Select the story you are after from the list or click on More to reveal all available stories

    *Note: Filters can be applied to every column
    If the story you are after is not shown - adjust the date range
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