How to Connect an Online Repository to the Hub


This guide provides an overview on how to connect your online repository (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive etc) to your Bigtincan tenant.

Tools needed:

Admin access to Hub

What’s covered in this article:

Step by Step instructions on how to connect an online repository to your Hub account.


1.  Navigate to the Content Hub Web App

2. Click on Platform Configuration >Files > Cloud Services for Publishers and click on "Connect cloud service folder".

3. Select the Cloud Repository you wish to connect to the hub. 

  • To connect to an Admin account check "Admin account" box
    • Admin accounts provide org-wide access to data for all users within that organization. This allows API requests to impersonate individual users to gain access to their data without having to request access to each user's account. For example, an admin G Suite user could grant access to all of their organization's Google Drive data, including Team Drives and staff's individual Google Drives.


4. You will be presented with a new window where you will need to enter your username/password to authenticate. Click on Grant Access when presented.

5. Once authenticated, the window will automatically close and you will be presented with the Folder Connection window where you will be able to select the folders that you want to sync.

6. Under Service Name - type the Name for this repository.

7. Select the Folder(s) that you want to sync your files from.

8. Click on Confirm.

9. Select Users or User Groups to give them access to use this repository.

10. Click on Confirm.

11. Your online repository has been successfully linked to your Hub account.



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